Adyot Rajadhyaksha

a very quick drawing of ccal

using pen on paper

18x24 inch canvas

acrylic on canvas

14x18 inch canvas
acrylics on canvas

so my mom got me a set of brush pens
and the black one has been abused a bit today

references from all around tumblr.

back to the old pencil

Portrait done of egorshapovalov without looking at the paper.
Evidence for how drawing process consists of finding symbols and then placing them in accordance to the placements of other symbols. In this drawing the placement aspect is made uncertain.

from some magazine


reference here 
follow eleqa-nce, its an amazing blog.

made with graphite stick

this better get notes because photo editing

loose reference here

lead stick on paper


You won't mind if I draw what you've already drawn? Right? Or will you? ._.


why not?
just put a link to the original if you do :p

i havent done a canvas for a LONG time

acrylic on 20x24 inch canvas
burnt umber, black and white

reference here